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Effective date: 06/01/2016

By playing the game “Asteroids”, you agree to this following statement about end-user data usage and protection. The game data will be collected only for the purposes of academic research. We may share the data with third parties for research purposes, but not for commercial purposes. Any data collected from the game won’t be sold or rented. The total collection of data will only include a fully anonymised user id and its related player behaviours, i.e. : shooting behaviour, shooting angle, control setting usage, user performance/score, high score and deaths. The data collected from players will be used to analyse their behaviours in game including their learning curves, best fit interface etc. Please contact the Data Controller for any further information about potential researches.

Withdraw Your Data

The End-User can always request that the Data Controller suspend or remove the Data. To request, please quote the user id and send to the email:
Your user id can be found in the menu "Privacy Policy" in the game.

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Hanting Xie
Ph.D. Student,
AI Group,
Department of Computer Science,
University of York,